Techniques for Amazing Diving Photography

Techniques for Amazing Diving Photography

Photography is more about art and techniques than about timing. Well, time and light, of course, do mater in good photography but the technique used to make the difference. Taking a portrait is easy but an amazing portrait needs special techniques. It does not matter which DSLR you have, these simple hacks would make your portrait look outstanding.

Longer lens

All you have to do is to use a longer lens. There are many who would say that a 55mm lens is enough for portrait photography. However, this is not the case at all. One needs something which is interesting. A portrait shot at 85mm or 200mm would make a huge difference. The portrait with a longer lens looks extra-ordinary and that is what makes the real difference in photography.

Non-Eye Level Angle

The simple answer to everything is to take a portrait from eye level. Well, that is the simplest of form but not unique and best always. If the image is taken from a different angle which is not at the eye level then a better perspective can be achieved. We all know that images speak and when the portrait is taken from a different angle, then it has something else to say.

Off-Camera Flash

Camera Flash makes an image too bright and the image loses the dimensionality and the minute details. Instead one can use the off-camera flash to make the most of the background. The shadow and the light are captured with equal proportion. The minute details of the image become more visible with this. It is therefore important to use the off-camera flash than anything else. Our sponsors at Carpet Cleaning Toronto taught us this technique.


Yes, photographic light is bliss for any photographer. However, sometimes, we need to create it for better photography especially during the portrait. The light can be from Sun, Window, Bulb or anything, but it needs to be used properly. The rim light can enhance the dimensionality of the photo and that should be properly captured. One must not wait for such light to appear, instead, he or she can create it with the camera. This is achieved when the light sourced just behind the subject you are capturing. So, always go for the hair light instead of too bright photography.


Objects are never obstacles in photography, instead, the objects can be used for an amazing portrait. Sometimes, the objects are intentionally used to capture amazing portraits. This brings different shades to the image that cannot be captured otherwise. These objects can be anything even simple household items. It gives the different color composition to the image and makes it very interesting.

Video Light

One can use the video light to enhance the brightness of the image during dark conditions. This is one of the best ways to improve the light in dark. The video light is actually a great alternative for the Speedlite for low light situations.

In photography the minutes of details matter. A good photographer is one who captures these details and makes the image lively and interesting.