Beginners Scuba Diving Tips

Beginners Scuba Diving Tips


If you are an adventure loving person, scuba diving is something you should definitely try. The thrill and excitement of scuba diving is something you may have never experienced before. Now for a beginner, scuba diving may sound like an extreme form of adventure. It can be a scary adventure for the first timers. But with the advancement of modern technologies, scuba diving has become a quite simple. There is nothing scary about this, just allowing your body to be under the water. There are some few tips which beginners should follow. Some of those tips are given below:

Know About Scuba Diving

It is always better to do some research about a particular activity before trying it. It goes same for scuba diving also. You must know what scuba diving actually is, so there is less elements of surprise underwater. The basic theme of scuba diving is breathing underwater with the help of a scuba gear. You must carry a tank which contains compressed air on your back. There are different types of scuba diving, for example technical, recreational, military and many other forms. Each type will require different training and gears. So you must know what you are getting into.

Holding Breath

Holding your breath underwater is a bad idea while scuba diving. As human it is not in our nature to breath underwater. So beginners tend to hold their breath while scuba diving. Never try to hold your breath while scuba diving, it will cause panic and stress. You will have to try to be as normal as possible, the breathing pattern has to be normal and without any panic. Also try to maintain a small distance between your instructor. Always use your finger to state your condition. Diving with a partner is not same as diving alone. Also always perform a gear and equipment check before diving.


You will not be able to talk underwater. So you must learn the sign language to communicate with your instructor underwater. It is always safer to maintain communication with one another. It is also very important to talk to your instructor before diving. The more the conversion is, safer the dive will be. You should take extra precaution when diving in winter. Approaching too fast during winter time can be dangerous. So you have to know about those from your instructor. Don’t try to do anything without consulting.

Clear Vision

A clear vision is very important while you are under the water. Sometime the glass can get a little foggy, which makes it difficult to see what’s ahead. A common solution to this problem is to clear the glass with saliva. You need clear vision underwater so you can communicate with your partner. A foggy vision underwater can also cause panic and stress, which can be quite dangerous. Due to the mismatch of temperature, goggles often gets foggy underwater. Take some saliva on your hand and rub it on the goggles to make it clear again.