Best Scuba Diving Destination

Best Scuba Diving Destination


An adventure without any kind of danger feels kind of incomplete. You will miss the thrill and excitement if your adventure destination has noting to fear about. Scuba diving is something for adventure lovers only. It is one of the most exciting thing you can try when traveling close to a sea. There are few spots around the world which are perfect for scuba diving. Here is the short list so you can follow and fulfill your dream of scuba diving

Yongala Wreck

This place is perfect for scuba diving and scuba divers from around the world visits this place all year around. It will give you the best scuba diving experience if you are trying it for the first time. As the name suggest this underwater place has a wreck underneath it. A steamer named Yongala sunk here during 1911 due to a storm. This place was discovered during 1958 and since than it has been a favorite destination for scuba divers. Australia has many scuba diving spots but this wreck is the most famous of them all. The marine life here is just amazing and you have to see it to believe the beauty of this place.


Barracuda Point

The next destination for you should be the Barracuda Point, it is one of the most famous diving site located in Sipadan Island. This underwater location is famous for the Barracuda fishes. You will see thousands of fishes there and the beauty cant be expressed in words. This place is also very famous for underwater photographers. The rich marine life of this site makes it a perfect place for underwater photography. You might also encounter with some harmless shark species like hammer shark. You have to dive here for a ultimate scuba diving experience.

North Horn

This place is also very popular among scuba divers which is located near Osprey Reef, you can reach here with boats. The natural beauty of this place is hard to describe in words. There are thousands of Reef sharks here and also many kinds of hammerhead sharks. This place is a natural habitat for different spices of exotic fishes. This place will be a true exciting destination for any scuba divers. North Horn is the place you should not miss if you are planning for your next scuba diving adventure. This place will give you an adventure to remember.

Liberty Wreck

Another wreck which is quite popular among divers for scuba diving experience. Here you will find a long cargo ship underwater which is said to be hit by a torpedo during the second world war. This place is just perfect for scuba diving. The marine life here is amazing and very beautiful. You will see plenty of fishes like Eels swimming in a group. This place is also famous for underwater photography.

Above are some exciting scuba diving destination for you. There are plenty more like The Cod Hole, Navy Pier, Crystal Bay and Batu Bolong. So make a list and visit all of those places if you are planning a scuba diving adventure.